Paint Imperfections


Repairing your paint doesn't always mean repainting. If you just messed up your paint and someone says "ah that will buff out", they may be right. Stop in and we can tell you exactly what can and cannot come out with a professional buff.  

The picture to the left shows extremely neglected paint. We were able to bring this back and make it look like new through our buffing process. This saved our customer the cost of completely repainting the bike.

For more info on fixing light to medium wear on all surfaces check out our detail page.


Damage Repair


Had a fender bender? Want to make it look like it never happened? We go through the exact same process as our custom paint jobs. The methods and products we use are not practical for the everyday production body shop giving you the best finish possible.

From dents in metal to massive holes in plastic we can repair it. All dents are pulled and metal finished to within 1/16". We never fill holes with bondo. All of our repairs are done with the best products and highest level of craftsmanship to give you a quality repair that will have your vehicle looking brand new.

We can repair all types of vehicles. Stop by for a free quote today.

Beyond Body Work


Repair work is not limited to your tins or body panels. Beat-up forks, blemished chrome, foggy headlights, etc...We can repair many types of parts. If you have anything on your vehicle that leaves you wondering if it can look better; Call, email, or stop by to see what kind of miracle we can work for you.

Repair FAQ

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