It's amazing what a great detail can do and we have performed over 1,000! This is where you get the bang for your buck. Through our detail process we can turn the hands of time way back, taking years off your finish! If any surface on your vehicle isn't looking like new let us see what kind of ​​miracles we can perform for you. Even if your vehicle is brand new.

Detail Care

All of our detail packages use filtered and deionized water. De-ionization produces purified water on demand leaving no harmful deposits to etch into your paint.

All of our wash buckets feature grit guard dirt traps preventing the transfer of dirt back onto the paint.

We use compressed air to blow dry your motorcycle eliminating tiny scratches caused by drying towels.


These practices are just a small example of the care taken during the beginning of a Rev Dynamics Detail.

Multi-Stage Paint Correction

There is nothing like smooth, perfectly polished paint. We are experts at reviving paint and have all the tools and polishes​​.

One of our platinum details was a black Honda Goldwing with over 100,000 miles. The bike was well taken care of but being black definitely showed the mileage. The customer came in thinking it needed a full repaint. We recommended and implemented our multi-stage paint correction. The customer came back not recognizing the bike and thought it was brand new.

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BMW Wheels Before

BMW wheels with a good amount of curb rash.