Custom Paint, Design, Full Customization​ 

Much more than just a paint job...

Do you know exactly how you want your project to look, or have no ideas? Whatever the case we can work with you one on one to get that look you are searching for. We are perfectionists and every project is treated like it is our own. How far can we take your project? Click more info to see examples and

​all we have to offer.  


Polaris Slingshot Customization

Paint, Performance, Parts...


We are your one stop shop for anything slingshot. Full builds, air ride suspension, turbocharging, color change are just a few of the services we offer in house. We have all the tools at our disposal to bring your SS to the next level and are even connected to a Polaris Slingshot Dealership. Exclusive parts are also available on our online store.  

Paint Repair
Done once and done right.

We are experts in paint repair and offer a complete range of crash and damage repair services. From light scratches to massive holes in plastic we can repair it. All dents are pulled and metal finished to 1/16". We never fill and sculpt dents with body filler. All of our repairs are done with the best products

and highest level of craftsmanship to give you a quality repair that will

have your ride looking brand new.

Get your dip on


Rev Dynamics offers hydrographics in house. Films come in an array of patterns and colors and can also be custom painted over for the ultimate look. There are over 300 films available and can be combined with any color or design. We are TWN Certified and have a huge amount of films in stock. Hydrographics can be applied to anything paint can stick to, rims, plastic, dash panels, guns, etc...

Also known here as a mini restoration

It's amazing what a great detail can do and we have performed over 1,000. This is where you get the bang for your buck. Through our detail process we can turn the hands of time way back, taking years off your finish! If any surface on your vehicle isn't looking like new let us see what kind of ​​

miracle we can perform for you. Even if your vehicle is brand new.

Discover all we have to offer by clicking more info...



Automotive Media Blasting

Need a coating removed? The average car takes 15 hours and $100 in materials to sand before primer with traditional methods. We have the most advanced system that will leave your surface clean and ready for primer in much less time without sanding. Our dustless blaster will not warp metal like traditional sand blasters and unlike soda blasting the metal does not to be treated,  or sanded. It will even remove rust, body filler and undercoating.

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